The UIAAA is accepting applications for the following positions until Thursday, May 18th. Applications MUST be submitted electronically via email to

Executive Director
Term: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2022
1)         Chief financial officer responsible for:
– Initiating notices, publications, reports and other items necessary for proper operation of the Association.
– Oversees the receiving and distribution of funds as authorized by the UIAAA President and the UIAAA Board of Directors.
– Submitting an annual financial report of the UIAAA State conference.
2)         Shall represent the UIAAA at the UHSAA Executive Committee Meetings.
3)         Maintains a current notebook file with official minutes, special board information, present committee members, copy of the present constitution, current members of the ADEC and Board of Directors, membership information and special forms.
4)         Primary UIAAA conference planner
4)         Review and update POP Manual following the June Board of Directors Meeting.
5)         Review minutes of all ADEC and Board of Directors meetings.
6)         Shall serve as an advisor to the President.

CLICK HERE to access an application for UIAAA Executive Director. Please forward completed applications by Thursday, May 18th to


NIAAA Liaison and Certification Coordinator
Term: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2020
1)         Shall be responsible for the make-up and implementation of a Leadership Training Strategic Plan for Utah.
2)         Responsible for proper distribution of all LTI information from the NIAAA office.
3)         Responsible for notifying the NIAAA of Utah athletic directors taking LTI courses.
4)         Briefly report LTI information at all ADEC meetings.
5)         Responsible informing the NIAAA of any LTI Dates in Utah.

CLICK HERE to access an application for NIAAA Liaison and Certification Coordinator. Please forward completed applications by Thursday, May 18th to