Trever Wilson

 15 years as an Athletic Director (9 years in Utah and 6 years in Oregon)
o CMAA – 2013
o CAA – 2008
 Coaching: 24 Years – Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Baseball and
 Executive Committee Member: 3 years
 Sportsmanship Committee: 3 years
 Presented at the UIAAA 2017 State Conference
 Athletic Director that organized and opened all Stansbury High School Athletic/Activity Programs
o Created athletic programs that focus on academics, sportsmanship and athletic success.
 2 years with Zero Coach or Player Ejection
 9 – State titles
 41 – Region Titles
o Created: “Gold Letter Stallion” Award
 The award encourages multi-sport/activity students
 A student must have 8 Varsity letters – UHSAA Sanctioned Sports/Activities
o Creating a program – “Student Ambassador for Athletics”
 Welcome team when they get off the bus.
 Show visiting team locker rooms, training room and bench area.
 Sit behind the team during the competition to assist in anyway.

 Region 10
o Region Chairman: 2 years
o Helped create the standards and criteria for the Region 10 Cup:
 Includes – Sportsmanship, GPA, and Team Standings
 Data collection and compiling results for the Region 10 Cup
o Scheduling Coordinator: 2 years
o Update the Region Handbook: 2 years
o Creation and update Region Directory: 2 years
 Region 11
o Region Chairman: 1 year
o Scheduling Coordinator: 4 years
o Updated the Region Handbook: 4 years
o Creation and update Region Directory: 4 years
 State of Oregon:
o OADA Committee Rep: 5 years (ADEC for the State of Oregon)
o Greater Oregon League Chairman: 5 years (Oregon)
o State Classification and Re-Districting Committee: 2 years (Oregon)